Field Fundraising Team Member and Activist Super Mom Vernetta Woods received an award from Bay Area PLAN (Parent Leadership Action Network) this past fall. With two children who have been in Oakland public schools, PLAN recognized Vernetta’s tireless advocating within OUSD in support of both teachers and students. “It’s not just my job – it’s my life,” is how she describes her involvement in bettering school conditions.

At the beginning of the school year, Vernetta was able to unite her work with Oakland Rising to her activism in Oakland’s schools at a speaking engagement with parents, teachers, students and others about the Schools & Communities First Initiative. Explaining the importance of Schools & Communities First to a crowd of about 50, she drummed up support of this important campaign that will generate $12 billion annually for public schools and other crucial services statewide if passed by voters in November.

Vernetta’s advocacy for increased school funding spans over many years. As a participant in the School Site Council at a number of her children’s schools, she has voiced support for funding of vital services like the Restorative Justice program and Individual Education Plan (IEP) which serves students with learning disabilities or physical needs.

With her youngest child attending Greenleaf Elementary, Vernetta provides regular support in his classroom and on fieldtrips, and also by providing classroom supplies. We are proud and honored to have such an amazing advocate on our team!




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