Imagine having access to medical care despite your income level or employment status. Imagine our youth thriving by having California schools rise up from near last (41st!) in the country back to the top 5 in student investment. Imagine the potholes of our streets filled in, our libraries open 7 days a week, our parks clean and safe, and affordable housing development properly funded.

We are ready for this to be more than a vision! For more than eight years we’ve been organizing to make this vision come true, and we are closer than we’ve ever been to making it happen by qualifying the Schools and Communities Funding Act for the November ballot. But in order to win, we need you to join us in the fight to bring back $11 BILLION per year in funding for our basic community necessities like schools, health clinics, and local infrastructure.

Can we count on you to raise your voice, and your pen, to this fight? Will you add your name to the California Schools and Local Communities petition? And will you talk to your friends and neighbors to get them to sign, too?

The money is there! By closing a corporate tax loophole, the California Schools and Local Communities Act we would bring $11 Billion every year back to our communities to fund our schools, affordable healthcare and cleaner, safer streets. Working with community groups across the state, we are gathering petition signatures to qualify this game-changing initiative to the November ballot. But we need to get almost one million signatures before the end of April for it to qualify.

Our communities deserve the best, and we will fight for our schools, health care, parks and other vital community services! 

Pick up some petition forms today! Go to and join our effort to collect 3,700 signatures locally by mid-June.




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