By Jessamyn Sabbag, Executive Director

Oakland’s budget is a moral document and an expression of the core values of our city. For months we’ve been fighting for a budget that puts residents first by investing in increasing affordable housing, ending homelessness, getting good jobs for our youth and ensuring thriving arts and culture. Unfortunately, the proposed budgets still aren’t strong enough, so we’ve got to keep fighting!

On Monday we were able to shut down the City Council meeting and let them know how serious we are, thanks to the leadership of the Anti Police-Terror Project. You can read more about Monday’s action, and more budget context as covered in the East Bay Express.

Tomorrow our City Council will finalize the 2017-19 budget, so NOW is the time to take action and let them know we expect better. Please make calls today and show up tomorrow! We’ve included all the info you need to take action below.

Councilmember Dan Kalb: District 1, North Oakland: 238-7001
Councilmember Noel Gallo: District 5, Fruitvale/Glenview: 238-7005
Councilmember Abel Guillen: District 2, Downtown/Chinatown: 238-7002
Councilmember Annie Campbell-Washington: District 4, Hills, Laurel: 238-7004

Not sure who your council member is? Enter your address here.

We are inviting you to join renters, residents of affordable housing developments, city workers, seniors, artists, immigrants and low wage workers to call on City Leaders to ReFund our communities and support a “Community Budget” that ensures a healthy, livable and sustainable Oakland for EVERYONE! 4pm at City Hall.

Hi, may I please speak w/ Councilmember _______?
This is ______ with ____ and the ReFund Oakland Community-Labor Coalition. We’re calling to urge Councilmember ________ to stand up in support of a Community Budget that REINVESTS in our homeless, our residents at-risk of being displaced, and good jobs for our youth.
We are concerned Councilmember ________ is supporting the Council President’s “Displacement” budget that does not address the serious issues Oakland is facing right now. We’re calling to urge Councilmember_______ to: (you can focus on more than one if you would like!)

● Support the Brooks-Kaplan Budget Proposals
● Increase BADLY needed resources to stop displacement so we can implement Measure JJ, increase funding for tenant-eviction defense and renter & homeowner assistance
● Set aside all money generated by companies like AirBnB to go toward building more affordable housing for our residents
● Increase funding for our arts & culture programs!

Can we count on the Councilmember to stand with the community by committing to vote on these proposals if they’re introduced on the floor tomorrow night? (If you’re told “I’ll do my best” or “I have to hear all options before I can answer” or “where is extra coming from?”, remind the Councilmember that there was no input from community or workers in the Council President’s Budget.)

We need a comprehensive budget that puts more money into stopping the displacement of our residents, houses the homeless versus keeping them on the streets–and prioritizes equitable public services for Oakland’s flatlands. We can save money by redirecting resources from departments that criminalize our communities and are currently mired in scandal and invest them into public services, housing and arts and culture. We are calling on the city to cancel the 3rd Police Academy and delete the COPS grant.

I also support having a healthy city and funding our public services is critical to a safe and healthy Oakland. This is also why we are urging support for a fair contract for our public employees. Oakland deserves the very best.




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