People power has been on display throughout our city this fall.  In the last few weeks Oakland Rising talked to over 6,000 voters in East and West Oakland who overwhelmingly support creating good jobs at the old Oakland Army Base.  Over 90% of the voters we talked to also support taxing the richest 1% of Californians to raise billions for our schools, health clinics, and other crucial community resources.  Real, concrete change is possible, and Oakland Rising is moving it forward. 

To make this possible, we need your continued support.  Our team is committed to raising $12,000 from our grassroots donor base by the end of this winter. Can you help us reach our goal?  Your gift of $25, $100 or $250 will help Oakland Rising keep our campaign headquarters, phone banks, daily team and volunteers operating in full effect so we can get these real wins for Oakland in 2012. 

Oakland Rising is gearing up for several big fights that will take place at the ballot box in 2012.  With our base of 27,000 voters, 300 volunteers and strong partner organizations, we know we have what it takes to win. In 2012 we will target concrete policies and propositions that, if they pass, will bring economic justice to Oakland’s hard working families in a way that we can actually see and feel in our day-to-day.

With your support we can build the electoral base needed to make political change in our country, starting right here, right now in Oakland.  

I hope you are able to make or renew your gift today. We look forward to building a stronger Oakland with you.

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