We are now one step closer towards securing the resources we all need for thriving schools and community services like healthcare, affordable housing, and libraries. In a move to strengthen the Schools and Communities First measure, a newly updated initiative was filed with improved language to include:

  • Expanded small business protections;
  • Ensured equitable funding for every school;
  • Closed loopholes so that large corporations cannot avoid property value reassessment; and
  • Updated implementation dates to adjust for winning in November 2020 instead of 2018.

Signature gathering to qualify the initiative to the November 2020 ballot begins this fall. Sign up to support this effort!

Refiling is a big step toward victory in November 2020. Public support for Schools and Communities First is growing because we know that time is up for the corporations reaping fortunes while refusing to put in their fair share.

As a member of the Schools and Communities First coalition, we are united with statewide labor unions, community organizations, the California PTA, elected leaders and others in our determination to make our children the priority they should be.

When everyone is in for all of us, we have the power to make California a place we’re proud to call home with world class schools, affordable healthcare, and community services our families need.

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