Building the political power of Oakland’s working-class families of color is serious business, and we can’t do it without the support of our neighbors and friends. With so much at stake this election year, we launched a fundraising canvass to increase our base of supporters and resources to fuel our campaign work.

Leading our crew is Sheryl Walton, an Oakland-native and longtime organizer, volunteer and activist with various groups including Oakland Rising, Oakland’s Community Police Advisory Board, Healthy Black Families, Inc., Block by Block Organizing Network, and the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club. Sheryl knows Oakland neighborhoods and politics on a deep level, having even ran for city council in 2012. Her leadership on this team brings a mature knowledge of organizing and outreach in our communities. Sheryl was excited to join this program because in her words:

“I love this organization and its leadership – the culture, vision, mission and passion resonate with who I am as a lifelong Oakland resident and activist.”

Joining her in the field are Claudine Tong and Mekhi Enis – both of whom are also Oakland natives. As a single mom, Claudine saw firsthand the challenges to access resources and the criminalization of the poor. When she is out talking to community members about our work, she is motivated by our mission of elevating economic equity and racial justice. Mekhi, a young Black East Oakland native, is also passionate about building community power to address inequities.

Together, “Team Money” is building our donor base one door at a time. So if our crew knocks on your door, please take a moment to support this effort to fortify and expand our base!




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