I’m Kopali Serna with Oakland Rising and California Calls, we represent over 23 community-based groups working together to restore the California dream. I’ve lived my entire life in the golden state and back when California ranked in the top 10 in education nationwide, I attended public schools K to the UC system. Today I’m concerned about the budget cuts and how they affect working families like mine. A few years ago, my father reached retirement age and my parents counted on MediCare and MediCal programs to stay healthy. Due to the budget cuts to these programs, my mom who’s in her 50’s, lost her health coverage just when she needs it most. So I’m part of the 70% of Californians that support the Millionaire’s Tax because it’s the only initiative that could generate $6B for schools and critical services, so that our elders in California can restore their dream of aging with dignity.

Our organization, Oakland Rising is prepared to turn out 40,000 votes in support of the Millionaire’s Tax in November 2012 and we’ve already identified 28,000 supportive votes in East & West Oakland. 

Oakland Rising is one of many community-based organizations mobilizing the voices and efforts of our communities who are the most impacted by the cuts and who have the most to gain from the Millionaire’s Tax. Please join the Millionaire’s Tax campaign today!