Oakland Rising and our partners around the state were the margin of victory for both Prop 30 and Prop 32. Thanks for getting out and voting! Oakland Rising talked to 25,000 voters in Oakland this last fall, increasing voter turnout amongst supportive voters like you by 13% above the average County turnout.

Prop 30 raises $6-9 Billion per year to go towards schools, community colleges, the UC System and other core services. 90% of the funds are raised by taxing the wealthy – the top 2% of Californians. Over the next two years, OUSD can expect to get an additional $688 per student per year. We’ve still got a long way to go to bring California’s schools up from being 40th place in the nation in terms of per pupil funding. Prop 30 is an important step in the right direction, with the funding coming from those who can afford to pay more. Next stop on the state revenue train – commercial property tax reform!

Defeating Prop 32 was essential to defending worker unions from right-wing attacks and attempts to weaken these important institutions. Read more in this great piece from the San Francisco Chronicle.