“Todos somos Oakland” means we are all Oakland. For the last 20 days, our Daily Team members have been talking to their neighbors, voters in East & West Oakland, because we believe that by working together we can build an Oakland for everyonePoised to reach 10,000 Oakland voters in time for the June Primary, Oakland Rising has been polling voters to understand the issues that will motivate them to get to the polls for the June and November elections. In the spirit of interconnectedness, we have been reminding Oaklanders that if low-income, immigrant, and communities of color don’t get out and vote decisions will be made for us. Real democracy works when everyday people take part in the decisions that impact our lives. Real democracy is what Oakland Rising envisions for the Town and since “Todos somos Oakland” it’s going to take all of us to make this vision a reality.

With a continued eye on finding out what Oaklanders hope to see in the Oakland of tomorrow, we’ve been asking whether they support 30% affordable housing required in new large developments so that the working families that have built our city can afford to continue living here. Not surprisingly 79% of residents we polled said they would support candidates who support an affordable housing policy like this. Once again, our flatland voters tell us that they support equitable economic development in our city while we remind them to get to the polls where their voice and their vote will be counted.

But remember, “Todos somos Oakland” and Oakland Rising has 3 opportunities for you to make an impact this election season.
1) Get out and vote on June 5th and November 6th;
2) Volunteer with us to talk to other voters; and
3) Become a monthly donor to Oakland Rising so that we can continue to do this critical work

Todos somos Oakland. We are all Oakland. Be part of the change and take a stand for our city, our children, our schools, and our neighborhoods. Email [email protected] to volunteer with us on Election Day June 5th from 4-8 p.m. and GET OUT THE VOTE FOR OUR TOWN! Or make a donation to support our work. DONATE NOW.