Last weekend 29 of the most talented leaders in the East Bay’s progressive movement gathered for our Lead East Bay orientation. To build a more socially just Bay Area, we recruited this amazing cohort of leaders from base-building organizations across Alameda County to our new leadership development program. By recruiting from the base, we are lifting up leaders into appointed and elected roles who have ties to a community to which they are accountable.

The relationships with one another are such a big part of our theory of change that we devoted the orientation almost entirely to relationship building. Coming out of the base, our leaders will have a larger community around them as they move into public leadership roles, and will also have the new community of Lead East Bay, our staff and Advisory Committee, to support them and help them in their new roles. The relationship building over the next year will also help to address the crisis of isolated leadership. Many progressive leaders currently hesitate to serve in important institutions because it is often a very isolating experience.

Over the next year, leaders will meet once a month for training, and will also participate in a variety of campaigns across Alameda County and fundraise for next year’s cohort of Lead East Bay. Some will also receive campaign training through the Oakland Rising Committee, our sister organization.

Our Advisory Committee for Lead East Bay will also be part of our trainings, helping with training, facilitation and curriculum, and will also play an important mentoring role for our leaders.

You can support this work by contributing to Oakland Rising or donating space where we can hold our Saturday trainings.




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