Oakland’s redistricting process is underway and we only have until December to provide feedback before the new district lines are finalized. Our unhoused, poor, working-class, Black, Indigenous, neighbors of color must be fairly represented in the new districts to ensure flatland residents receive accurate political representation and allocation of funds for schools, health clinics, transit, and other important resources. These political maps have the power to shape how Oakland distributes funding and resources for the next decade.

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Regardless of where we live in Oakland – from the flatlands to the hills – we all deserve fair representation and a fair redistricting process that involves our most impacted communities. For the first time ever, Oakland has its own Independent Redistricting Commission which is a huge step towards democratizing the redistricting process so that political power and financial resources are fairly distributed within our communities. It’s crucial that the commission hear from community members rather than rely on 2020 Census data as many of our most impacted community members did not participate in the census due to safety concerns or access issues. This is our opportunity to come together and put an end to the drawing of districts that racially and socioeconomically divide us. No matter the zip code, we all want an equal say in the decisions that shape our town and our future.


  • What is redistricting? 
  • Why is it important to you?
  • What’s the timeline on redistricting? 
  • Why is it important to Oakland?
  • What will be the impact? 

Interpretación en español (ASL, Spanish & Cantonese interpretation) and closed captioning provided.

And every Tuesday in November and December, join us for our community sessions which will include:

  • creating maps for your community;
  • building political power; and 
  • ensuring resources are coming to your community.
East Oakland community member providing input on district lines at our Mutual Aid event with the Ella Baker Center. Photo by Jordan Foster

If you missed our past townhalls, recordings are available.

You can also catch liz suk’s conversation with the Redistricting Commission Chair Lili Gangas from the Nov. 1 Monday Meals series to learn more about Oakland’s process, how it impacts our communities, and how you can get involved.

More Background

Oakland Rising’s involvement in democratizing redistricting dates back to 2013 when Oakland’s redistricting process began after the 2010 Census. We joined forces with other social justice allies and good-government organizations to ensure that all residents of Oakland, and especially those from low-income, immigrant and communities of color, had a say in defining their new district lines. After surveying community members, we learned that there was popular support for an independent redistricting commission. We then helped qualify and pass a ballot measure that did exactly that. 

As we’re seeing around the country in places like Texas, when we leave the drawing of district lines in the hands of elected officials, too often they block working-class, immigrant and communities of color from accessing their fair share of resources and political power. Now is our chance to ensure Oakland’s working-class and BIPOC residents have their fair access to resources and representation in City Hall and on the school board. 

By participating in Town Halls and Mapping sessions, you can help ensure we all have an equitable voice in the political process and fair allocation of funds.

We hope you will join us for our info sessions, ready to learn and participate in creating a democratic process that will influence our town for the long-run.

Additionally, we highly encourage folks to attend Oakland’s Independent Redistricting Commission’s virtual workshops to provide direct feedback. The Commission recently announced additional meeting dates through early December 2021. Check their website for dates and to RSVP.

Redistricting Session #1 11.02.21 (Click here for Spanish or Cantonese)

Redistricting Session #2 11.09.21 (Click here for Spanish or Cantonese)

Redistricting Session #3 11.16.21 (Click here for Spanish)

Redistricting Session #4 11.30.21

Redistricting Session #5 12.14.21 (Click here for Spanish)

Redistricting Session #6 12.28.21

Redistricting Session #7 01.18.22 (Click here for Cantonese)