Wednesday, we shared a special night at the Oakland Progressives Party as community leaders, elected officials, and overall progressive enthusiasts got together to celebrate what’s making Oakland Rise.

We especially want to thank all of our Co-Hosts, Sponsors, Townie Award winners, presenters for your on-going dedication to the Town. Many thanks also to you – the guests who came out and supported, the vendors who made sure the event had food and drinks flowing (especially Frey Vineyards for their generous donation), and the volunteers who donated their time to ensure that Oakland Rising can continue our work building political power amongst low income, immigrant, and voters of color.

We surpassed our $10k fundraising goal thanks to your generous support, and had the largest turn-out to date. Thank you for all you do for the Town!
We look forward to continuing to partner with you as we head into the fall election and beyond.

In community,

~ Michelle Wright

Community Partnerships Coordinator

PS – If you weren’t able to attend the Oakland Progressives Party last week, but still want to support you can always give by clicking this link.