Know Your District Attorney!

Check out our zine to learn more about the role and the power of the Alameda County District Attorney! 

Now Hiring: Executive Director

Oakland Rising seeks an Executive Director with a proven track record of winning elections, ballot measures, and leading organizing and policy campaigns to advance progressive political power in Oakland.

What is a recall?

A recall is an election process that removes elected officials from their positions before they complete their term. It is not like other democratic procedures because it does not require the support of the majority of voters. It also results in an additional or “special” election to take place.

Our Mission

Oakland Rising educates and mobilizes voters in the flatlands to speak up for and take charge of the issues impacting our lives. We are a multilingual, multiracial collaborative with deep roots in East and West Oakland’s…

Our Vision

We envision an Oakland that realizes our shared dreams of health, happiness, safety and opportunity for all. A Town that stands for progress and sustainability, that models what is possible in American cities of the 21st century.

The Collaborative

We connect progressive organizations and activists, community members, leaders, labor and faith-based institutions to Oakland’s progressive political electoral and movement building work.

What’s New?

02.26.24 Monday Meals: We Are California

02.26.24 Monday Meals: We Are California For our first Monday Meals of 2024, we had Pecolia Manigo, Political Director of Oakland Rising and Vernetta Woods, IVE Team Leader of Oakland Rising share about our crucial work with the We Are California campaign surveying Alameda County...

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Building Local Power!

Building Local Power!

Get ready to come to your door and answer your phone! With the Primary less than a month away, we are running a winter Civic Engagement Program to reach voters on the most pressing issues impacting our communities this year. Our mission is clear – to ensure that every resident of Oakland and Alameda County has access to affordable housing, quality education, and essential city services.

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2023 End-of-Year Highlights!

2023 End-of-Year Highlights!

2023 marked 15 years of Oakland Rising building a true progressive voice and a progressive political landscape in Oakland! And while neo-liberals and others have co-opted the word progressive, let’s be clear: we stand for community-led solutions that center racial, economic and environmental justice, and ALWAYS puts people before profit.

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