Nov 2018 Voter Guide


Thank you to everyone who got out to vote! We led with values and vision, driving a progressive agenda. We believe that Oakland and California can and should champion equity, that put the issues and agendas of our neighbors who have been most impacted by systemic racism, poverty, neglect, environmental hazards and incarceration at the center of our government’s agenda.

Here are the results:

Oakland Measures
V – Win
W – Win
X – Win
Y – Win
Z – Win

State Propositions
1 – Win
2 – Win
3 – Loss (but supported by majority of Alameda Co. voters)
4 – Win
5 – Win
6 – Win
8 – Loss
10 – Loss (but supported by majority of Alameda Co. voters)
11 – Loss (but opposed by majority of Alameda Co. voters)

Know Your Voting Rights! Learn more about where to vote, how to use ranked choice voting, and more.

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See below for more information about Oakland measures.

YES on Measure V — Cannabis Tax

Reforms Oakland’s current cannabis tax to create opportunities for local cannabis businesses to earn their fair share in the new industry.

YES on Measure W – Vacant Property Tax

Homeless camps and illegal dumping have inundated the flatlands of East and West Oakland. This measure provides funding for homeless services and resources to address illegal dumping. The tax would not apply to properties in use at least 50 days a year, and it also requires community oversight and exemptions for low-income seniors.

YES on Measure X – Property Transfer Tax

Taxes in Oakland should be fair to everyone – which is the intention of Measure X, the Property Tax Transfer. Measure X creates a tax system that is both progressive and fair. By establishing a tiered tax system for selling property in Oakland, it provides a lower tax rate for low to moderate homebuyers and a higher rate for those whose property is worth more.

YES on Measure Y – Close the Loopholes

Help stabilize housing for thousands of Oakland renters and close the loopholes to Just Cause Evictions. Thousands of Oakland Renters get evicted without the same just cause as other renters. Measure Y would give the same eviction protections to tenants living in duplexes and triplexes as tenants living in large apartment buildings who currently have protections under “Just Cause Eviction rules”.

Yes on Measure Z – Time is up!

Time is up for predators who threaten working women in the hotel industry. These are mostly women of color doing housekeeping work. A Vote for Measure Z would insure that housekeepers have panic buttons in case of threat, a living wage with benefits, and safe workload standards.

Measure AA – No Position – The Children’s Initiative of 2018

Amends the City Charter approving a parcel tax to fund early childhood education and College Readiness Programs. While we agree that deeper investments need to be made in education, we are concerned that the Mayor is prioritizing this issue over more immediate needs like the housing crisis.

Read our blog posts for more on Yes on Prop 10 and No on Prop 5.






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