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Esperanza meets w/ the ladies at Ignite CA

On October 13th,2011,Esperanza Tervalon-Daumont, the Executive Director of Oakland Rising, shared with the women of Ignite CA her personal story and approach to civic engagement in the city she calls home; Oakland.

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Oakland Special Election Voter Guide

Although Oakland Rising isn’t taking any positions on any of the three ballot measures, we want to make sure that Oakland voters have the access to information about what the measures are and will do in Oakland.

Oakland is having a mail-in only special election on Tuesday, November 15th.


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Camp Calls - Community Scholarships Available

We know that we can't make all the changes we want for Oakland without also addressing California's outdated tax and fiscal policies.  Spend 3 days with Oakland Rising and our statewide partners at CAMP CALLS to learn about our solutions, strategy and action plan to fix California's budget mess once and for all!    

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We Voted Loud and Clear - IRV This Year!

Clearing Our Name: Ranked Choice Voting Allegations Debunked

Dear Friends and Allies~    Yesterday, Oakland’s City Auditor released a report certifying that Oakland Rising did not misuse public funds we received for Rank Choice Voting Education in 2010.

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Oakland Rising Releases Statement on Passage of City Budget

Oakland Rising realizes this year’s budget process has been especially difficult. With a city that has 13% of its residents living below the federal poverty line, Oakland Rising and our core partners have been working with Councilmembers to ensure that the 2011-13 Budget prioritizes resources and services that are absolutely vital to the...

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Key Facts About Oakland's First RCV Election

Analysis Shows Voters Effectively Used Ranked Choice Voting
By:  FairVote - The Center for Voting and Democracy

 Published November 7, 2010

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Our First House Party

Kickoff 2011 with Oakland Rising & Honorary Host Mayor Jean Quan

You are invited to Oakland Rising's first house party and fundraiser of the year! 

The theme of the house party is: The Possibility & Promise of Oakland in 2011 and Mayor Jean Quan has signed on as a Honorary Host and will be in attendance to share her thoughts on Oakland.


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On To The Next One... June 2011 Special Election

It wouldn't be California if we didn't have at least one Special Election each year, right? Although the final date and ballot items are still being decided, we can count on having a Statewide Special Election this June.  

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Putting Oakland To Work

"I'm ready to work, when is the next campaign?"  The voice coming through the phone is tinged with urgency, excitement and a glimmer of hope. 

Field Team Leader Dayna Williams has received one of these phone calls at least two to three times a day, everyday since the close of Oakland Rising's 2010 campaign cycle. On...

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Oakland Welcomes Mayor Jean Quan!

On Monday January 3, 2010, Oakland welcomed it's new Mayor- Jean Quan! The election of the 1st Asian-American and woman Mayor of a major US city has made national headlines and marks an unforgettable moment in Oakland's history. The Oakland Rising team joined in the celebration and attended the inaugural ceremony at the Fox Theatre in Uptown...

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